Russellville Community Spotlight: Robert Ford

robert ford

From his real estate journey to successfully owning and operating a local Quiznos restaurant, Robert Ford, a native of Russellville, AR, has a deep-rooted connection to his hometown. After spending another 15 years away, Robert was driven by a strong desire to be closer to his family, prompting his return to the community he loves. "The main thing that brought me back was family. My parents still lived in Russellville, and their home served as the main gathering place for my siblings and their kids. I didn’t want to miss out on watching my nieces and nephews grow up, and Russellville was a great place to start a new business," he shared.

In the years Robert was away, he noticed that while Russellville had not changed drastically, it was on the brink of substantial growth. "Russellville didn’t change too terribly much in the time I was away, but I could tell it was on the cusp of a growing spree. That attracted me a lot. I like being around for significant changes," Robert said.

One of Robert’s favorite memories from his time back in Russellville revolves around his days running Quiznos. "Most of my favorite memories after my return are related to the Quiznos years. The interaction we had with literally hundreds of people every day was incredibly challenging, but unbelievably fulfilling. It provided an easy path to getting involved in the community. When I made the return to real estate, one of my first sales was to a young lady I had made sandwiches for when she was five years old. That was such a great feeling!"

Maintaining a strong connection to the community is a top priority for Robert. He emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses. "One of the main things I do to stay connected is to shop local. I eat at local restaurants and buy as much locally as possible. My dad taught me at an early age to give my business to those who give me theirs," Robert explained.

For those considering a move to Russellville or contemplating a return, Robert offers this advice: "Embrace all the good the area has. Focus on the pros, and not the cons of being in a smaller town. Living in a smaller town helps you really see the things that matter most in life. You can always visit 'the fast pace'."

He supports initiatives like "Start Here, Stay Here. Russellville” and is proud to call Russellville his home.

"I try to be an ambassador for Russellville every time I step out of the house. In my past life, I lived in St. Louis, but I traveled around the world for weeks, and sometimes months at a time. I loved most every minute of it, but I always longed for the truly good life I had here in Russellville. This place is home, in every sense of the word. It’s a pleasure to tell people that," he said.

Robert Ford’s journey is evidence of Russellville’s unique charm, showing how the bonds of family and community can draw someone back to their roots and inspire them to contribute to their hometown’s growth and success.