Letter from CEO

Job creation remains a top priority and we understand the importance of providing meaningful employment opportunities for our residents.  To achieve this, we are actively collaborating with local leaders and businesses to identify area of growth and better match our skilled workforce with the needs of our businesses, ensuring both employers and employees thrive.

In line with our commitment to workforce development, we are investing in training and education programs to equip our workforce with the skills needed for today's job market. This includes partnerships with educational institutions and vocational training centers to provide accessible and relevant training. By focusing on skill development, we can strengthen our labor force and create a win-win situation for our regional community.

Teamwork initiatives are at the heart of our economic and community development strategies. We believe that by bringing community stakeholders together – local leaders, industries, businesses, government agencies, community organizations, and residents alike – we can harness our collective expertise and resources to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Collaboration is the key to our success, and we encourage all members of our business community to actively engage in these efforts.

Strong teams make strong communities.  The economic growth happening in our region is not by accident.  It is a testament to our teamwork and united effort in building a thriving and competitive economic region.  At the Chamber, we have an unwavering commitment to enrich lives in our community by bringing people together, creating high quality jobs, igniting innovation, developing a regional workforce, celebrating diversity, and pursuing excellence.  Our goal is stewardship of place; investing in our regional community and creating a better tomorrow for future generations.  


Dr. Megan Selman

Chief Executive Officer