International Women’s Week

International Women’s Week: Community Success Story - Stacy Wilkins, Pharmacist and Entrepreneur

By Odalis Garcia

Stacy Wilkins

In the heart of Russellville, where community spirit thrives, resides Stacy Wilkins, a woman of many talents and boundless determination. With a warm smile and a passion for both healthcare and fashion, Stacy has left a mark on her community through her roles as a pharmacist and boutique owner.

Inspired by her father’s legacy, Stacy's journey began a little over a decade ago when she received her Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD Degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Pharmacy.

“I was born and raised in the field of pharmacy with my Dad being a pharmacist and my role model! I wanted to be able to care for my family, friends, community and strangers the way he was able to. I knew from the beginning that was my passion,” said Stacy.

After meeting her husband during pharmacy school, Stacy made Russellville her home, where she joined Newton's Pharmacy as a pharmacist. However, Stacy's entrepreneurial spirit and love for fashion lured her into a new adventure. In February 2022, came RNR Boutique, a local and online boutique for style enthusiasts. RNR currently carries clothes, shoes, and accessories for women and plans to expand to a larger storefront with a warehouse.

“I have always loved design and fashion. The creativity behind it and beyond. When the opportunity of RNR was presented to me it felt like it was supposed to be a part of my story, journey, and life,” said Stacy.

With over 26 thousand followers, Stacy uses her social media as a tool to market her products and to inspire and empower women. Stacy strives for RNR to foster a sense of inclusivity within the local community, where everyone feels welcomed.

“I want and strive for RNR to be a place everyone feels welcomed and welcomed with a smile! Whether they came to browse, buy, or hang out. A safe place. A fun, uplifting place for all ages. A place where you walk out feeling good about yourself in your skin and clothes. A place where they want to return. A place they trust. A place they want to come if they are having a bad day or a great day. A place where they learn to embrace, love, and feel good about themselves more than the day before,” she exclaimed.

Choosing Russellville as the city to grow and thrive with her business was a natural decision for Stacy.

“Russellville is a great and thriving community and I wanted to be able to continue to be a part of its growth and progress!”

Balancing the demands of her pharmacy career and boutique ownership is no small task for Stacy. Yet, she approaches each day with unwavering determination,

“I’m a perfectionist and planner and life has sure shown me it doesn’t always go as planned but sometimes even better than planned. “

As a woman entrepreneur, Stacy has encountered many challenges starting and running her own business on online platforms. However, she remains strongminded in her commitment to authenticity, reminding others that success lies in supporting one another and staying true to oneself.

“I think in today’s world and especially with social media if you don’t develop healthy ways of scrolling without comparing and breaking yourself down you need to take a step back. This is a huge part of my platform on social media and that is comparison is a thief and it will totally cause you to fail and tear yourself down as person and business owner. It’s easier said than done but with this technology, we have to learn, grow, support others, and bring creativity into your space. Use it for encouragement and drive and not comparison.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Stacy's journey has been the support she has received from her community.

“The support that has been given to my woman-owned small business has allowed me to reach and connect with other women-owned small businesses throughout the US. We continually add to our ship to states map connecting us and impacting other women around the world in a positive way.”

With a passion for giving and the support that she has received, Stacy continuously donates to those in need within her local community. 

For aspiring women entrepreneurs, Stacy encourages them to prioritize their goals, thrive through the difficulties, and embrace their individuality.

“Prioritize your TO DO list. Take one day at a time. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Don’t give up through the hard days and times. Setbacks will happen but most of the time push you 10x higher! Don’t compare yourself and business to others. Be an example and encouragement for fellow businesses through support and love. Stay true to YOU! That always wins!”

As she reflects on her journey, Stacy highlights the importance of recognizing women in business and embracing uniqueness.

“Remember, NO ONE IS YOU. People don’t follow you because you’re like everyone else, they don’t shop because there is nowhere else to shop, they follow and shop because YOU are YOU and YOU is what makes your brand and that is as a pharmacist, boutique owner, and entrepreneur. “

As Russellville celebrates International Women's Week, Stacy's story stands as a testament to the limitless potential of women in entrepreneurship and beyond, showcasing the enduring impact their experiences have on their communities.

“I am so honored to be featured for Women’s Week in our Community Success Story. It not only continues to show me I’m right where I am supposed to be but also encourages me to keep going, take that next step, take that chance, trust, and continue to be a positive impact for women not only in our community but throughout the world. Recognizing women’s success I feel gives other women the drive and bravery to step out of their comfort zone and take that next step in their journey to pursue their dreams,” said Stacy.