Community Success Story: Dr. Bartlett's Commitment to Russellville's Health

By Julia Matteson

Dr. Christina Bartlett, MD, is a practicing Pediatrician at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Russellville, AR with over 10 years of experience. 

Bartlett, who grew up in the Russellville area, always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine. 

“My husband, Jake, and I were both raised in Russellville. So, it was always a possibility to come home after medical school and residency, but the nursery has always been special to me. I grew up attending church next door at St. John Catholic Church, and at that time there was a thirty-minute break between Sunday school and mass. In that break, as a child and a teen, I would drag my little brother to the hall on the third floor and look at babies through the window. They made me so happy, even then. To think I now serve as a pediatrician in that same nursery, and recently Chief of Staff of the hospital, is surreal.” 

During her tenure, Dr. Bartlett has adeptly managed numerous challenging scenarios to meet the community's needs, particularly during periods when inclement weather or limited availability prevented the transport of sick children. 

“In those times, my partners and I stay and manage the critical patient until transport is available. A special bond is formed with those patients and families. While very stressful, there is no greater example of community serving community.” 

Dr. Bartlett reflects warmly on her experience within Russellville's close-knit community, where she has had the privilege of providing care to multiple generations of patients over the span of her career. The continuity of care that she has been able to offer in a community of this size deeply touches her. 

“I have many patients that I attended their delivery and have seen them as needed every time since. They are becoming teenagers now which is so fun. I have also been practicing long enough that some of my patients are now parents, and to witness that transition and to support them as new parents is truly special.”  

Speaking from her own experiences, Christina Bartlett emphasizes the remarkable nature of Russellville’s community. 

“I can attest personally that Russellville is an absolute gem of a community that supported me throughout my endeavors and beyond.” 

During her tenure at Saint Mary’s, Bartlett has been a part of multiple collaborations with other organizations such as the nursery alliance with Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  

“We have already started seeing results,” Bartlett stated.  

Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Saint Mary’s Regional Health System continuously invest in new and innovative technologies that will aid in their mission to provide patients with a comprehensive range of services. 

“We are able to perform echocardiograms that are read by cardiologists at Arkansas Children’s hospital. We also have a new robot in our nursery that the neonatologists at Arkansas Children’s Hospital can access to be with us, as needed for critical patients.” 

Thanks to Saint Mary’s, Russellville has continued to ensure our community is happy and healthy by providing both preventative and detective medical services. 

“We are lucky to have a regional medical center locally. There are medical situations where time matters. To have local access to quality care, literally saves lives in our community.” 

Since its founding in 1925, Saint Mary’s has been dedicated to serving the Arkansas River Valley and providing exceptional healthcare through innovative approaches. With over 90 years of commitment, Saint Mary’s remains steadfast in its mission to deliver cutting-edge care and develop new programs aimed at meeting the evolving needs of our community. 

“In my thirteen years at Saint Mary’s I have witnessed the building of a strong cardiac department. Repeatedly we are nationally recognized for our stroke protocol which is truly lifesaving” Dr. Barlet recounts.  

Looking ahead, Dr. Bartlett emphasized the importance of how our community can contribute to promoting health and well-being.  

“I think the key to health and well-being is support. Support each other. Support local healthcare providers. Support groups that choose to feed the hungry and help the needy. Support local efforts to provide safe access to exercise with trails and parks. Support local law enforcement to help keep these areas safe and accessible. There is a foundation of pillars in our society who have given back. Be a pillar, medically or not; set an example. Support each other.”  

Dr. Bartlett is a provider at Millard-Henry Clinic located at 101 Skyline Drive, Russellville AR 72801. The Millard-Henry Family Clinic formerly on 1600 W C Pl, Russellville, AR 72801 has relocated to 1714 State Hwy 22, Dardanelle, AR 72834.  


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