All Things Russellville

The city of Russellville is thrilled to announce the exciting debut of "All Things Russellville, a dynamic show brought to you by the dynamic duo, Dr. Megan Selman, CEO of the Russellville Chamber of Commerce, and Christie Graham, Executive Director of Russellville Tourism. The show, which airs on Facebook and Instagram, is set to be a vibrant platform where viewers can discover the diverse range of businesses, engage in fun activities, and connect with the heart of the community.

In each episode, Dr. Selman and Ms. Graham bring their passion for Russellville to life as they explore different businesses, share unique local experiences, and engage in enlightening conversations with locals. "All Things Russellville" aims to be a celebration of the city's spirit, showcasing its hidden gems, fostering community connections, and promoting the incredible offerings that Russellville has for both residents and visitors.

Episode 1: All Things 500!

In the episode titled "All Things 500," our Megan and Christie delve into the heart of downtown Russellville to explore the iconic 500 building. This historic landmark holds a special place in the city's heritage, and Megan and Christie spare no effort in uncovering its rich history and contemporary significance!

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Stay tuned for upcoming episodes that promise to unravel the many layers of Russellville's charm. Megan and Christie are set to take us on a captivating journey, providing a fresh perspective on what makes our city an extraordinary place to live and visit.

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