Businesses in the Arkansas River Valley region know they can rely on the utility providers. Whether its gas, electricity or telecommunications, there is a common theme of affordability as well as dependability among the providers, resulting in efficient and productive businesses.


The Arkansas River Valley region’s businesses strive for maximum productivity. In order to achieve this goal, these businesses rely on a dependable and affordable supply of power.

Electricity in the region is provided by Entergy Arkansas, Inc., one of the nation’s largest publicly owned utility companies.
Entergy offers a number of services for business development, including:

  • Local engineers who are available at no cost to the business to assist in the planning and application of electric power
  • Rate discounts to clients who meet certain usage requirements
  • A Teamwork Arkansas group in Little Rock that assists companies with site locations, incentives and financing packages among other services


Summit Utilities, a regional, multi-state natural gas company, provides natural gas to all of the industries in the region.


Telecommunications services are provided by CenturyLink, who offers Switch 56, Frame Relay, Northern Telecom DMS 100-200 switch, DSL and internet service to keep businesses connected. With CenturyLink’s services, businesses in the Arkansas River Valley region have multiple ways to access high-speed, reliable communication systems.


Each municipality in the region maintains its own water utility. In addition, Tri-County Water Association and Northeast Yell County Water Association provide water to rural areas in Pope and Yell County respectively.

City Corporation is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of operating the water and wastewater system for the City of Russellville, Arkansas.  Additionally, City Corporation partners with surrounding communities and provides services to Tri-County Regional Water, the City of Dover, and the City of London.  City Corporation was founded in 1985 and has received various awards over the years including most recently the People’s Choice for Best Tasting Water in North America at the annual American Water Works Association Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The Huckleberry Creek Reservoir was completed in 1996 and is the main water supply for City Corporation.  The lake holds 5.8 billion gallons of water when full which yields a supply capacity greater than 40 million gallons per day for 120 days in drought conditions and our treatment plant is capable of treating up to 20 million gallons per day.  Currently our maximum system demand is just over 10 million gallons per day, which results in extra capacity for the foreseeable future.

Waste Water

Each municipality in the region maintains its own wastewater utility.