The Arkansas River Valley Region has all of the ingredients needed for a business to thrive. From favorable workforce qualities to great incentives, the region knows how to support its manufacturers. Other regional advantages include:

  • A rapidly growing population that’s younger than the state and national averages
  • A large, growing workforce
  • A strong employer base whose success proves what the Arkansas River Valley region can offer businesses
  • A transportation system allowing seamless connections for businesses via highway, air, rail, and water
  • Affordable, reliable utilities allowing efficient, cost-effective business operations


The Little Rock MSA, which neighbors the Arkansas Valley region, has emerged as one of the nation’s top areas for the aerospace industry and is one of Arkansas’ targeted industry segments. This emergence is the result of many factors including:

  • The Little Rock Air Force Base provides a source of labor from retired service members with aircraft experience
  • Funding from the Department of Defense for aerospace technology research and development


The Arkansas Valley region’s locational advantages include an ample supply of water, a solid transportation system, and a strong agriculture industry that strengthens the supply chain.

Growth/Advanced Manufacturing

Since manufacturing is one of the Arkansas Valley region’s target industries, there are a number of incentives available to manufacturers. Those incentives and the lower cost of labor combine to make the region a smart choice for manufacturing businesses.


The Arkansas Valley region offers metal manufacturers:

  • The availability of a hardworking, trained labor force and the affordable cost of employing those workers.
  • High quality, competitively priced power
  • Pro-manufacturing business climate
  • Regionally available workforce development programs
  • Transportation assets including rail and port