Religious Organizations

Russellville recognizes and embraces the diversity of its community. Many houses of worship have been established serving a variety of faiths and denominations. Residents and visitors are welcome at all institutions of faith and are encouraged to worship at the church of their choice. Today, more than fifty churches have made their home in Russellville. The community boasts on a variety of denominations for anyone looking for a place to worship. There is a commitment to spiritual growth and faith based education within the religious community. Many congregations provide residents with the ability to volunteer and be of service to the community. Church members are active in all aspects of the community from festivals to charity events. Most houses of worship offer special programs for youth and teens, marriage enrichment, senior citizens as well as for the entire family. If you are looking to become active in a local organization, there are numerous civic, professional and youth organizations, which are always in need of assistance.

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