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University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton - Student Surveying
University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton - Student Surveying

The Arkansas River Valley region benefits from nearby colleges and universities in more ways than one. Not only do they provide higher education opportunities for those living in the region, but they also result in younger people living in the area. The presence of youth results in a sense of vibrancy and energy and also a supply of labor.

There are five colleges and universities in close proximity to the Arkansas River Valley Region that educate and train the region’s workforce. Each institution’s specialized programs of study result in a collaborative but unique education.

Arkansas Tech University

Located on 475 acres in Russellville, Arkansas Tech University is a fully-accredited, four-year institution that also offers graduate degrees. ATU is comprised of seven schools that combine to offer a total of 50 majors. One program of study that many local companies take advantage of is the Professional Development Institute, which offers customized training for new and existing employees. Arkansas Tech has recently been recognized at the #1 University in Arkansas for Social Mobility. The 2019 Almanac of Higher Education, which was published by The Chronicle of Higher Education, lists Arkansas Tech as the 10th fastest-growing public, master’s degree-granting university in the country and recognized ATU for its position as a national leader in increasing its African American student population.

Arkansas Tech University - Ozark Campus

The Arkansas Tech University Ozarks Campus serves a five-county area and provides employment and occupational skills training.

Arkansas Tech University Career Center

Located on the Russellville High School campus, the vocation center offers programs that are designed for students that would like to pursue a career that requires particular technical or occupational skills. The center is fully accredited and even offers programs for students that are juniors and seniors in high school that live in Pope and Yell Counties.

University of The Ozarks

As the first institution of higher learning that was established in the Arkansas-Oklahoma territory, the University of The Ozarks in Clarksville has earned a reputation of being one of the region’s finest Christian liberal arts institutions. Another history-setting feat by the university was accomplished when a special learning center was built, making it the first college in the nation to offer advanced education to students with learning disabilities.

University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton

The Morrilton Community College’s goal is to provide occupational and technical training to the six-county area that surrounds the college. The college also provides service to high schools within a 24-mile radius and is a vocational center for those students.

Events in Russellville
Events in Russellville

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