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Waste Management

Environmental Services Provider

Company Overview

For them, this is never just a job. It’s a calling. They're a family of 42,000 who are committed to going above and beyond every day to make our world a cleaner, better place to call home.

As the largest environmental services provider in North America, Waste Management is committed to ensuring the actions we take today will result in a better tomorrow. That’s why they're committed to offsetting four times the greenhouse gas emissions they generate through their operations by 2038.

Waste Management employs more than 40,000 team members across North America at hundreds of locations. With industry-leading performance and consistent expansion, Waste Management has a place for you.


88 Joyce Lane
Russellville, AR
Phone: 479-968-0540

Russellville is a great place to visit and call home!

Live, Work & Play

Do you love the idea of walking down the main street in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop and heading off to work only to finish your day in your kayak, taking a quick hike or bike ride? If so, Russellville is the place for you. With our increasing number of urban shops and living area, our growing cultural atmosphere, amazing schools and an increasing number of job opportunities, Russellville has something for everyone.