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Grandeur Fasteners

Fastener Supplier

Company Overview

As an industry leader of custom cold heading, Grandeur Fasteners excels in manufacturing fasteners, parts, and components from 3/32” up to 1 1/4” in diameter and up to 9” in length. They are experts in producing a wide range of cold headed products quickly and cost-effectively, using virtually any material capable of being cold formed, including alloy steel, aluminum, brass, copper, medium and low carbon steels, nickel alloys, monel, silicon bronze, and stainless steels. Grandeur’s in-house tooling and design is backed by state of the art equipment, experienced process experienced process engineering, and a Management Control Tooling Program to ensure the highest of quality and expertise for all customers. By integrating unmatched cold heading capabilities and developed processes, they have opened new doors to unlimited applications for their fasteners and components. Specialty is their niche, and they like to say, “The More Special the Better.”

Grandeur Fasteners is currently hiring through Express & Penmac.

Jenni Dunman

18798 E. St Hwy 10
Danville, AR
Phone: 479-489-5168

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