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Russellville Regional Airport
Russellville Regional Airport

Shipping and receiving products for businesses couldn’t be any easier thanks to Russellville’s multiple outlets to other markets, including:

  • Motor freight opportunities on several major highways, including Interstate 40, U.S Highway 64, and seven state highways
  • Rail service on D & R and Union Pacific Railroads
  • Water transportation based at the Port of Dardanelle along the Arkansas River
  • Air service from the Russellville Municipal Airport and the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock
  • Another asset to the region’s transportation system is the proposed River Valley Regional Intermodal Facilities Authority, which will consist of a slack water harbor, rail hub, and a four-lane truck bypass connecting with I-40. 

This variety of transportation options provides businesses in the Arkansas River Valley region constant and convenient connection to supply lines and customers.

Motor Freight

Located near Interstate 40, the Arkansas River Valley region is positioned to serve as a major distribution hub. Along with the proximity to I-40, the region’s other major assets include Russellville’s sub-regional UPS hub, access to other carriers such as Federal Express and Airborne Express, and a number of national and regional trucking companies.


The Russellville Municipal Airport and the Little Rock Regional Airport are two airports serving the Arkansas River Valley region and provide additional transportation opportunities for businesses.

The Russellville Municipal Airport’s runway is 5,100 feet long and is 75 feet wide and accommodates most corporate and private aircraft thanks to its hanger buildings, maintenance facility and a new, state-of-the-art terminal facility.

Located 80 miles from Russellville, the Little Rock Regional Airport offers full commercial and air freight service to serve the needs of the businesses and people that call the region home.


Union-Pacific and D & R Railroad lines provide service to the Arkansas River Valley region and connect industries to other major markets and supply opportunities.

Many companies in the region are connected directly to the Union-Pacific line.

Another rail option is the D & R Railroad, a shortline railroad that provides connections between the Port of Dardanelle, local industries and the main Union-Pacific line that runs through the region.

For more information on the D & R Railroad, please contact:

Danny Robbins, President
4416 South Arkansas Ave. 
Russellville, AR 72801 
(479) 968-6455


The Arkansas River provides water transportation options to the Arkansas River Valley region. The Port of Dardanelle gives the region access to national markets since the year-around ice-free river is open to barge traffic from Tulsa, Oklahoma to the Mississippi River.

Currently, the channel is nine-feet deep, but the US Army Corps of Engineers is determining the feasibility of deepening the channel to 12 feet.

The Port of Dardanelle offers both transfer and storage (general warehouse and grain) service. Fourteen barge lines carry many different commodities, such as grain, steel and rubber to the D&R Railroad that’s connected to the port.


Events in Russellville
Events in Russellville

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